5 Fascinating Facts about your Dog YOU CAN’T MISS

5 Fascinating Facts about your Dog YOU CAN’T MISS

We all love our furry friends to the point of borderline insanity, but here are a few facts about Fido you may not have realized to help you understand your cuddly companion better.

#1. Dogs are NOT color blind!

That’s right! Unlike the 3 specialized receptors in our eyes to distinguish colors, dogs only have 2. Because of this they only see black white blue and yellow. Meanwhile their brains don’t interpret red and green, but instead see grey.

#2. Russian Dogs ride the subway.

These crafty canines have learned to take the subway from Moscow’s suburbs, to the downtown metro areas in search of the locals’ favorite Middle Eastern cuisine Schwarma. These amazing dogs employ a few awesome techniques to accomplish this feat, including the ability not to miss their stop while traveling on the subway train, and waiting for the traffic signal to turn green when crossing the road. They react to the picture changing, rather than the color.

#3. Dogs are as smart as a 2 year old human.

Although you swear up and down that your dog is the smartest dog in the world, he actually has the approximate intelligence of a 2 year old human, possessing abilities to understand over 150 words, and notice simple errors such as 1=1=3. The most intelligent breeds in the world are border collies, poodles, and German Sheppard’s.

#4. Do your dogs’ feet smell like corn chips???

“Frito Feet” is the name of the phenomenon in which the bacteria on a dog’s paws cause them to smell like corn chips. Because a pup’s feet are in constant contact with the ground, they pick up tons of microorganisms in their paws. When dogs cool off by sweating through the pads of their feet, the combo of moisture and bacteria releases a nutty, popcorn-like aroma. Basically it’s dog B.O.

#5. Dogs can sniff out Cancer!!!

That’s right; dogs around the world are being trained to sniff out cancer in humans. The breeds used for this are Labrador or Golden Retrievers, mainly because of their friendly disposition to their human counterparts. Dogs have been used in the detection of diabetes, and the treatment of anxiety disorders as well as Post-Traumatic Stress disorder.