7 Gifts that are Perfect for Doting Dog Parents

7 Gifts that are Perfect for Doting Dog Parents

You love your dog like your child, and just like two-legged little ones, you want to treat him to something special this season. But what does the dog that has everything need for the holidays? Here are seven perfect dog-related gifts to put on your wish list this holiday season.

1. A new bed

Even if you love sleeping with your dog, he’d probably prefer a bed of his own. After all, he doesn’t like your snoring any more than you like his. But your dog doesn’t deserve just any old bed — put a dog bed with a padded foam mattress on your wish list and your dog will be happy to cuddle up in his crate. While memory foam and orthopedic dog beds are often marketed toward large breeds and older dogs, they make a cozy nest for dogs of all sizes and ages.

2. A pet subscription box

BarkBox, PawPack, Loot Pets — the hardest part about pet subscription boxes isn’t finding one, it’s deciding between all the options that cater to different types of dog owner. No matter if you want treats made in the USA, toys inspired by pop culture, or to support rescues with each purchase, there’s a subscription box out there for you.

3. Dog-monitoring cameras

Whether you want to keep an eye on a sick pet or just see what hijinks your pup gets up to while you’re away, dog-monitoring cameras have you covered. These cameras let you check in on your dog using a smartphone app, and some offer one- or two-way audio so you can tell Fido “No” if you catch him up to no good.

4. Grooming tools

Sick of finding dog hair tumbleweeds under your sofa? Step up your grooming game by asking for a dog grooming kit that includes a deshedding tool, slicker brush, microfiber drying towel, and hypoallergenic shampoo. Not sure how to get started grooming at home? This helpful guide from the American Kennel Club will teach you the basics.

5. A car seat saver

If you love to take your pup everywhere you go but hate the muddy paw prints on your back seat, make sure a car seat saver is at the top of your wish list this year. Hammock designs not only keep your car’s interior clean, they also make the back seat safer and more comfortable for your furry friend.

6. A dog tracker

Nothing is more stressful than a pooch that loves to escape. If your dog is a jumper, runner, or digger, you’ve probably spent hours hunting him down and worrying about his safety. Now, you can see exactly where your dog wanders off to with a GPS dog tracker. Some trackers even come with activity monitoring, so you can make sure Fido gets plenty of exercise each day.

7. Breed ID test kit

Have you always wondered what’s behind your rescue dog’s unique coat, floppy ears, or striking eyes? Or perhaps you’re wondering about hereditary health issues that might crop up down the line. Now, you can learn more about your dog’s lineage with an at-home dog DNA test kit. The best at-home tests screen for both breed identification and inherited health issues; these reviews from Canine Journal will guide you to the right test for you.

No one likes to be left out of holiday gift giving, and your dog is no exception. Stick one (or a couple!) of these items on your wish list to let your pooch know how much of a good boy he really is.

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