Meet Our Staff

Liz – Owner and Operator

My life changed when my husband Marty decided that he wanted to open a Doggie daycare and boarding facility. It was always his dream to own this type of business and he was a pioneer in that regard as our concept of cage less Doggie daycare did not exist back in 2005. Unfortunately, four months after we opened he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after. I am keeping my husband’s dream alive and have made his dream not only a reality but a success, we have just celebrated 12 years in business.  In June of 2017 I remarried and met my husband when he started bringing his dog to daycare, so I know it was all meant to be.  I owe our success to our loyal customers and employees and the very many smart people that have helped me along the way. Working with dogs proved to be the best medicine for me and both my boys who work with me in the business. We hope to provide safe, fun and affordable care for dogs for many years to come.


Max – Owner and Top Dog

In 2006, my father decided to open up Rover Ranch and Spa with the help of my mom. This is when our lives changed forever. A couple of months later he was diagnosed with cancer. After passing away one year later, we decided to devote ourselves to making his dream business succeed. And that we did. It is now many years later, and Rover Ranch is a success. After 10 years of experience in this field, I can say with absolute certainty that I love what I do. Working with dogs has improved my life in ways I did not know was possible.


Ethan – Manager and Top Dog

Ethan is one of our managers and has been with Rover Ranch since 2008. His is a New Jersey native and has been closely interacting with dogs as well as many other animals his entire life. Ethan has owned and cared for a wide array of animals including three Chocolate Labs and an English Foxhound. He brings to Rover Ranch his long time experience working with dogs in a variety of settings, and takes charge of the dog’s medical needs. Ethan brings to work a positive attitude every day along with a smile and a genuine love for dogs.