Life with Dogs

Here’s What 1st Time Pet Owners Need To Know

So you’re thinking of getting your first pet. Congratulations! A companion animal can enrich your home and your life in countless ways. At the same time, pet ownership requires lots of prep work on your part. Here’s what your head needs to know before your heart says “yes” to a furry family member. Should Your New Friend Bark or Meow? More than 97 million American households are home to a dog, cat, or both. It’s easy to see why. Both types of animals have lived hand-in-hand with humans for thousands of years. Plus, food and other care items are readily available. These factors make choosing...

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Top 5 Interactive Toys

From the blog of Rover Ranch dog trainer, Fernando Camacho The biggest issue with dogs living in our wacky human world is trying to keep them interested while we attend to our many responsibilities. Dogs don’t understand that we have to go to work, take the kids to school and spend time doing things that don’t include them. They pretty much want interaction and attention all the time. If you don’t provide your dog with constructive ways to spend his time, I can promise you that he’ll find some destructive ways to get rid of all that energy – at the expense of your furniture most likely....

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Finding the Right Dog For You

Reprinted from Fern’s blog Lets say you’ve decided to get a dog (or another dog). Cool, good for you. However, before you run out and grab the first furry little face that crosses your path, there’s much to consider. First, you should really think long and hard if getting a dog is the right thing for your family. That’s a topic for a whole other blog post, so I won’t get into it here. Let’s just assume you’ve thought long and hard about this and you’re not making an emotional and/or impulsive decision. Good for you again. But don’t run...

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