Here’s What 1st Time Pet Owners Need To Know

So you’re thinking of getting your first pet. Congratulations! A companion animal can enrich your home and your life in countless ways. At the same time, pet ownership requires lots of prep work on your part. Here’s what your head needs to know before your heart says “yes” to a furry family member. Should Your New Friend Bark or Meow? More than 97 million American households are home to a dog, cat, or both. It’s easy to see why. Both types of animals have lived hand-in-hand with humans for thousands of years. Plus, food and other care items are readily available. These factors make choosing...

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Advantages to Boarding Your Dog at Rover Ranch

The decision to board your dog or place in day care may be a decision that brings about questions, but it does not have to.  Some of these questions may be wondering how your dog will do in a group setting, and how it will adjust to a new environment. At Rover Ranch, we have an ideal program to for dogs to not only enjoy, but thrive in a boarding and day care environment.  Many of these advantages include: 24 Hour Supervision and Care: Your dog is always being monitored and cared for by a caring a dedicated staff of people, and is never left unnoticed. Rover Camera: The web camera is an easy...

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