Rover Cam

Please read prior to Viewing our Web Cams

In order for us to continue providing this exclusive service it is important for our clients to understand that the way dogs play and interact together in our group setting with each other and with our Ranch Hands might differ with your idea of what appropriate play is between dogs:

  • What you may think is rough play is just dogs being dogs and having fun. We train our Ranch Hands to monitor this play and to look out for signs and signals to prevent arguments from breaking out.
  • Our Ranch Hands will be seen conditioning the dogs on a regular basis as to provide the safest possible environment for everyone. What this means is that at times, you may see our Ranch Hands working with dogs on basic obedience and behavior correction, i.e. sit, stay, down. This helps maintain control over the Pack and establishes the Ranch Hand as the Pack leader. Our Ranch Hands do not “yell” at your dogs, ever. Dogs only respond to commands, gentle physical corrections and body language.
  • Behaviors such as excessive humping, nipping ears and ankles, excessive barking and resource guarding are not acceptable, not tolerated and will be addressed.
  • If for some reason you do not see your dog on the camera, 99% of the time they are in a blind spot right under the camera sleeping, resting or out of the play area on a walk or getting a bath.
  • Our Ranch Hands are also encouraged to provide lots of love and affection as that is what dogs respond to best. We also want you to know that if you have concerns over something you see that you PLEASE immediately bring it to our attention with a quick phone call 973-439-WOOF or email

Our main objective is for your dogs to have fun while they are with us and to come home happy and tired. We are as far as we know, the only facility to offer this webcam service and we want to continue to do so as we know that it is fun to watch and provides comfort to our pet parents and their families. That being said we also know that it is important to educate and inform our clients so that you can feel confident that your pooches are in good hands.

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