Our state of the art Fairfield New Jersey facility has two large indoor and one large outdoor play areas where our guests spend the day romping, playing and making new friends. Our mission is to provide our community with a safe, supervised environment to bring your pooch while you are at work, on vacation, or just want them to have a play date. daycare 2

Our guests have supervised playtime all day and each play area is manned by a Ranch Hand who is trained to be the Alpha leader of the group.  We have live Web Cams so you can watch your dog having fun while you are away.  We have a 1500 square foot outdoor play area for nice weather and a Nature Trail where your pooch can get a nice walk in the great outdoors.

Cleanliness, safety and comfort are a top priority. There is fresh drinking water available all day long in all of our corrals. The water is changed several times during the day and our guests are also walked outside several times during their stay with us.

daycare 1Rover Ranch and Spa, Inc puts the safety of all our pet’s first. All dogs are required to spend a minimum of two hours of daycare on their first visit so we can be sure that they will be comfortable in our social setting. There is a $20 charge for the daycare evaluation. Our Trained Ranch Hands will be there to see how your pooch interacts with the other pooches. Once your dog passes the evaluation, they can come back anytime for daycare or boarding. Puppies must be at least 5 months (20 weeks) old, and may be unaltered until 7 months old, or until a female’s first heat. We will take puppies 3 months and younger on a case by case basis as long as they have had their first round of shots.


  • Two hour evaluation on their first visit ($20 charge).
  • Spayed or neutered. Pups may be unaltered until 7 months, or until a female’s first heat.
  • At least 5 months (20 weeks) old. We will take puppies 3 months and younger on a case by case basis as long as they have had their first round of shots.
  • Required annual vaccines are Rabies, Canine Influenza, DHLPP and Bordetella. Titers are accepted!
  • Soft Collar (leather or nylon) with ID Tag required.
  • Please also label all items left with us so we can easily identify your dog’s belongings.


Half Day (5 hours or less) $29

Full Day (5 hours or more) $39

10 Pack Half Day $250

 10 Pack Full Day $350

20 Pack Half Day $460

20 Pack Full Day $640

Hourly Rate $10

20% OFF first sibling & 30% off additional siblings

Our Daycare and Boarding Packages do not expire!!!

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