Fernando Camacho

Dog Behavior Consultant and Trainer

Fern got his start in dog training right here at Rover Ranch. After spending a few years with the daily daycare packs he started his own dog training fernando-classcompany, FernDog LLC, and is working hard to help people and dogs live together better. He also started The FernDog Rescue Foundation, his very own non profit that supports animal shelters and rescues, and most recently Make Dogs Your Life, which is his program to teach people how they too can make a career out of dog training.

All that keeps Fern pretty busy but he still pops in to Rover every once in a while to spend some time with the doggies. He also holds special seminars here at Rover every so often on a variety of topics. If you would like to know when Fern’s next seminar at Rover is, just contact us and we’ll give you the details.