Recently started sending our dog here during the day while at work. The facility is clean, the employees remember our dogs name and welcome her with big smiles as soon as she RUNS in there! Not to mention, you can always check in on their camera throughout the day if you want to see what the pups are up to! Our dog absolutely loves coming here, and we love a tired puppy when we pick her up! Highly would recommend Rover Ranch for doggy day care!

– Nikki G (September)

Our dog, Ace, has been going to Rover Ranch since he was 4 months old (he’s now almost 2 years old). It’s truly his second home. Every time we go to drop him off he gets so excited he can barely contain himself. The family and staff at Rover Ranch are all amazing people with an extraordinary amount of patience and love for all of the pups that go there. The amount of care and attention that they give the dogs is second to none.

We highly recommend them. Since day one of taking our Airedale Terrier to Rover Ranch, they’ve always answered all of our questions, accommodated to our schedule, and given us a full tour of the facilities. They even have web cams where you can watch your dog play throughout the day.

Our Vet is actually amazed at how well tempered and socialized our dog is with other dogs and believes that we owe it to the time spent at Rover Ranch. Thank you Liz, Max, Ben, Sara, Ethan and all of the Ranch Handlers…. you guys are amazing!

– Nelson M (August)

Best doggie daycare and boarding, hands down. We have 2 high-energy, large dogs who just LOVE going to Rover .. and the “ranch hands” truly love them just the same! This is very important to us; knowing that our babies are cared for while we’re away.
We’ve been to a few other doggie daycares in the area, for different reasons, and I can honesty say that Rover is the best of the best. The new facility is especially awesome- all the luxury suites/kennels have a view for the pups… open, airy and spotless.
We never worry about leaving them there for a few days of boarding, especially since they have someone there overnight to ensure the safety of our pup(s). They also have a large outdoor area for the dogs to run, which is hard to find.
Lastly, They have a ROVER CAM (webcam) so you can watch your pups having a blast when you can’t be with them. We love having the option to see what’s happening during the day, as many other places can leave you wondering what’s going on behind closed doors. Here, you can see Max, Ben, Ethan, Sarah and the other Ranchers playing and engaging with the dogs LIVE!
The owner Liz is always pleasant and always does her best to accommodate special requests. It makes me so happy to know that we have a safe, clean, fun place to bring our dogs when we need to. Rover is definitely the BEST in the area.

– Joy P (August)

Chloe loves going to Rover Ranch and Spa when she visits with my parents in NJ! It’s great to know she has another home she can go to that’s fun and safe. I love that the camera is so accessible so I can see her wherever I may be!

– Cara S (August)

I have been bringing our dog to Rover Ranch for over 4 years. I could not be more happy and satisfied with the service and attention my dog gets every time we bring him to board. It’s tough to leave a member of your family back home when there is a need to travel without them. Every member of the wonderful staff at Rover Ranch treats our dog as if he was their own – which makes leaving him behind a bit easier. I love the video feeds so I can watch our guy even when we’re hundreds of miles away!

During our last visit, the staff noticed my dog was not acting like himself. Since they knew him so well, they could see something was up and let me know about it. As a precaution, I took him to the vet and he tested positive for Lyme’s which was the cause of his uncharacteristic behavior. I would never have known without Rover Ranch’s attention to the dogs and letting me know about it.

– Marcus (April)

This place is amazing. Our dog has the best time here. My girlfriend and I are always able to check up on him via the online video feed. He is always excited to be dropped off and always comes back absolutely exhausted.

– Andrew J. (April)

The staff are just lovely! They remember your dog’s name from first time you meet and always greet you with a huge smile. Very accommodating and I hear they are working on an outdoor area as well which would be great! Overall great people there.

– Corinne T. (January)


I recently found Rover Ranch & Spa-We love it there! As soon as we get close to the front door, my 2 dogs pull hard on their leashes to get inside. I also often bring my daughter’s dog, who gets equally excited to be there. I have used both the doggie day care and boarding facility. I also am thrilled with the 24/7 care. I would not want to leave my dogs in a place where they are left alone all night. I tend to be a very protective mom.

– Ellen S. (August)

Loving and incredibly dedicated staff. Rover Ranch and Spa maintains a “dogs first” mentality, I love that they greet my fur baby with such affection. This is the one place my dog can not wait to go! The excitement starts as soon as we pull in the parking lot. Great prices beyond convenient location this is a win win. My giant breed puppy gets the mental and physical stimulation needed during his half or full day visits and my furniture and shoes are left alone. He comes home so happy and tired and best of all no more destruction or anxiety. The web cam is such a huge part of the experience for me as well as I don’t feel left out and can check in on him. If you work and your dog is home for long hours this is the place to bring your baby a couple times a week!!

– Heather C.

My Becca loves being at Rover Ranch, she’s there at least 3 days a week and plays with both in the small and big dog rooms. She’s had baths and even spends a few nights at “camp”. It’s great to watch them on the Rover cams and pictures and videos are posted often on Facebook… Everyone on staff is warm and friendly and when I tell Becca we’re going to play, she’s right in the car ready to go..and the best part is I have a tuckered out, happy pup at the end of the day.. Thanks for all you do to make all the dogs happy.

– Karen M.

We started taking my 1yr old timid puppy to Rover Ranch in November 2015, the improvement we’ve noticed with her over the past months is ASTONISHING. She’s always been dog friendly but was shy with people, and being at Rover Ranch has brought her out of her shell and she loves the entire staff. We re-adopted and now my 5 month old attends daycare and he loves it. He is learning how to play properly and becoming a social butterfly with both the dogs and staff members. I highly recommend if you are in the area, especially for people who need early morning drop offs and late pickups (I commute to the city so 7am-7pm hours are amazing!). Liz, her sons, and the entire staff welcome my puppies with open arms and enthusiasm. Bonus* There’s a camera where you can watch your pups play all day! Thank you all at Rover Ranch & Spa for loving our dogs as much as we do at home.

– Meghann and Joey


2015 and earlier

We brought our two dogs, one a 13 year old Maltese, Liza and a 4 year old puggle, Checkles for a weeks stay on November 10, 2015. The staff was very knowledgable and gracious to both us and the dogs. Immediately I was put at ease when I saw the affection given to the dogs and the caring. Although the two girls have a totally opposite temperament and are many years apart, they both became very comfortable. The doggy cam is great if you want to check them during the day. They were glad to see us when we returned but it was obvious that their stay was nurturing and positive. Would not hesitate to leave them there any time.

-Janice S.

Absolutely the best place for your puppy or grown dog to socialize and play. The staff is extremely professional and kind. After taking my dog to two other daycares I came back to Rover Ranch. Even my dog knows the difference! The moment we walk in he is thrilled to be there. Thank you so much Rover Ranch!

-Yuliya B.

Weston (Melissa Hackling)I can’t say enough good things about doggy daycare at Rover Ranch. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. They know my dogs and greet them every morning with enthusiasm and a smile.

My dogs know the word “ranch” and get extremely excited when I say we are going, running to the front door and sitting to wait for the leashes to be put on. When we approach our final destination by turning onto Passaic Ave, they know where we are and begin to whine in anticipation.

I love that I can watch my dogs on the Rover cam while I am at work. I can see that they are making friends, having a blast, and bonding with the ranch hands. It’s also clear that they’ve had a day of excitement when we get home and they are tuckered out. A tired dog is a happy dog and a well behaved dog!

I am always confident that my dogs are in good hands when I leave them for the day. At the Ranch, they don’t discriminate based on breed, but instead know how to read behavioral cues to prevent issues between dogs.

Take your dogs to Rover Ranch! They will thank you for it.

-Melissa H.

My 11-year old wheaten terrier, Lucy, is one of the first dogs to have attended Rover Ranch & Spa about 10-years ago.  We have been “regulars” ever since and I can easily say that it is her home away from home.  At first I hesitated to leave my darling “dogter” with anyone other than myself (I trusted noone) but, honestly, the owner Liz, her sons, and her wonderful “ranch hands” are such dog-loving, caring, observant people who I trust completely.  As soon as we pull into the parking lot there, Lucy starts whining and bouncing in her seat and, then, she pulls me into the door because she just can’t wait to see her friends!  We are always greeted by friendly, happy “ranch hands” who say hello to Lucy.  Rover Ranch is a great place to leave my dog all day if I am going to have a long day at work, or for a short time if I need to run errands and want to leave her to play for a while.  Rover Ranch is AWESOME for both Lucy and me!

-Sue W.

I am the luckiest person, as is my Pug Tulip, to have found Rover Ranch. I cannot begin to tell you how Tulip cries as we get near Rover Ranch on her play dates. This place is beyond fabulous. Liz and her entire staff is absolutely the best. Tulip runs in like it is Kindergarten. She wags her tail as she is greeted by all the ‘ranch hands.’ I do not want to name them all in case I forget someone but they are all wonderful!! She gives kisses to them when she gets there and I am free to do whatever I have to do that day. There are never any worries while she is at her play date. If I have time I watch her on the web cam and she is always being petted or sitting in someone’s lap. She has been going there since a spayed pup and she will be 5 years old soon.

I think she is potty shy there because as soon as I pick her up she runs out to do her business. I know they are all walked but she insistss on ‘going’ before we get in the car.

Tulip has been boarded there too and there is never a problem. I praise them all for their wonderful caring, loving and devoted attention to all of their dogs in their care.

I especially like to look in the huge window when I get there to see the dogs but Tulip seems to know it is 3:00 and she runs to the gate to get ready to go home and eat and sleep. She is thoroughly exhausted when she comes home and that is in a good way.

I LOVE Rover Ranch and Spa!!

-Jeanne G.

Chopper (Rick Coviello)Our dog has loved the Ranch since he was 6 months old. The staff has been integral in allowing him to become socialized with other dogs. Great Pyrenees can be aggressive with other dogs if not exposed to them from an early age. At 21 months he loves his twice a week play dates at the ranch and his periodic boarding. They have the lowest metabolic rate of any dog and the ability to bring HIS food is critical to keeping him regular and healthy. The grooming is top shelf, as he is now too large for us to lift onto our table at home. We cannot recommend this family owned and run operation strongly enough.

-Richard Coviello

I am a dog behaviorist in the North Jersey area. I am also the owner of a special needs dog. I have been to three other dog day cares in the immediate area. Rover Ranch is, by far, the best! The staff really care about the dogs. They are always accommodating, and happy to give me mid-day updates when I check up on Mo. Their prices are fair, and worth every penny. Its great for socialization,exercise, or even if you need a break from winter morning walks.

-Josh Cederbaulm

My dog has been going to Rover Ranch for over a year. She is a Yellow lab and loves going there. We tell her every morning she is going to Doggy Day Care and she lights up. She can’t wait to go. The staff is amazing they take an interest in every dog. You can see the love they have for your animal. (If you have a puppy this is the best place for her to release all her energy) I have seen other facilities this is the best. There is someone always with the dogs watching them. You can watch your pet on your phone or your computer. Thank you for thinking of this great place to bring your pet.

-Rona Kling

As a dog trainer in the area I’ve been to, worked at and had experiences with all of the dog related businesses in Northern NJ and in my personal and professional opinion Rover Ranch is one of the best facilities out there. First off, it’s a family run business and not a chain. The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable and they really care about the dogs in their care. It’s not just a business to them – they consider every dog in there family and it shows. They offer a great variety of services and the dogs just love it there. I regularly recommend Rover to all of my clients and would do so to you too.

-Fernando Camacho

My doxie/chihuahua mix TJ has been a most eager visitor to Rover Ranch since I brought her home from an Austin, TX rescue about 4 years ago. She knows when we are in RR’s area and begins squealing in excitement (great early in the morning) from about a mile away. She has spent days for play at RR, boarded at times, and has been groomed there, too. The staff is always very friendly, upbeat, and terrific with TJ, and she loves them back. Rover Ranch was recommended to me by a colleague, and in turn, I highly recommend Rover Ranch to those seeking a playful, positive environment for their pups!

-Kathleen Ferraro

Every time I go on vacation I leave my dog Riley at Rover Ranch. She loves it there! I love being able to watch her on the “Rover Cam” and see her happily running around and playing. I know RIley is well taken care of when she is there and it is so nice being able to leave her in a place where I know she is happy and having fun!

-Helen Maxman

My dogs, Duke and Riley are regular visitors to Rover Ranch and Spa. They are always excited to go and play with the other dogs. They are well cared for when they have gone for overnight stays. The staff is friendly and caring. They also visit the “spa” for their baths. The grooming service is convenient and they always leave smelling so good. I would highly recommend Rover Ranch for doggie day care, boarding and grooming services.

-Sue Manwarren

Annie, a mini poodle, has been visiting Rover Ranch and Spa since I rescued her 4 years ago. She is a little shy but loves going. Although is loves to ride in the car she sometimes gets nervous, but as soon as I make the turn into the complex she stands up, wags her tail and whines to get out of the car to visit her friends. She loves going! The staff is great and they get to know the personalities of the dogs. I would recommend Rover Ranch to anyone who needs day care or broading

-Pat Sheldon

I have been a customer of Rover Ranch and Spa since my dogs were little puppies. I have two rescues. We bring our dogs for daycare, boarding, and grooming, and they are very well socialized as a result. When we pull into the parking lot my dogs get so excited because they know that they are going to the Ranch to play with their friends. Liz and all her staff are friendly, personable, and are willing to go the extra mile to care for my dogs. The facility is very clean, and we couldn’t be happier with their services. I would highly recommend this place to other dog owners.

-Benjamin B.

Rover ranch is the best place to bring your dog. i have been bringing my two dogs there for years and my dogs have had the best time at the ranch . the employees are just wonderful warm and loving and show the dogs so much love . i also get my dogs groomed there as well and had great results . never had a problem at the ranch and greatly recommend this place .

-John Fuller

Rover ranch is the best place to bring your dog. i have been bringing my two dogs there for years and my dogs have had the best time at the ranch . the employees are just wonderful warm and loving and show the dogs so much love . i also get my dogs groomed there as well and had great results . never had a problem at the ranch and greatly recommend this place .

-Lisa Gonzales