Top 5 Interactive Toys

Top 5 Interactive Toys

From the blog of Rover Ranch dog trainer, Fernando Camacho

The biggest issue with dogs living in our wacky human world is trying to keep them interested while we attend to our many responsibilities. Dogs don’t understand that we have to go to work, take the kids to school and spend time doing things that don’t include them. They pretty much want interaction and attention all the time.

If you don’t provide your dog with constructive ways to spend his time, I can promise you that he’ll find some destructive ways to get rid of all that energy – at the expense of your furniture most likely.

Knowing and understanding this is nice, but since you can’t quit your job and hang with your pooch all day, it does you little good.

What you need to do is find some interesting things to stimulate your dog throughout the day when you can’t give him the mental and physical exercise he requires. Providing him an outlet will keep him busy and away from that corner of the rug he seems to always be chewing.

Now-a-days there’s no shortage of things to try to save your dog from a life of boredom and confinement. Human ingenuity (combined with the frustration of many destroyed couches) has produced some really cool interactive dog toys that will keep your pooch busy during those times when you have to leave him or just want to watch Dancing with the Stars in peace.

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